Community History Triumphs Again

In summer 2023 Cumnock History Group produced ancestral tourism packs in response to the number of enquiries received from visitors to Cumnock. Digital copies were sent to local hotels and individuals making them accessible to everyone and reducing their impact on climate change.  The information includes how to find your ancestor’s grave, local museums and opening times, accommodation and transport information and maps. The group also updated the 2013 Cumnock Heritage Trail leaflet and printed 600 copies to give away in tourist attractions.

In August the group did a reprint of another 200 ‘Ploughing Up Our Past’ books of the CCLP project taking the total printed to 500 copies which is incredible! They are now working on a new self-funded project called ‘Many A Lang Scots Mile’ investigating migration to and from the Cumnock area. A team of 8 volunteers are researching and publishing stories on a blog. Click here to read all about it Many a Lang Scots Mile – our ancestors on the move (

To support the groups income, they have a new fundraising product, ‘Scots Words Heart’. Its aim is to preserve the language learnt as children and is available to purchase on the online shop. Click here for lots of goodies to buy Shop Products – Cumnock History Group

Images Above: Left to Right: Ploughing Up Our Past book cover; 2013 Cumnock Heritage Trail Leaflet; Scots Words Heart.

Cumnock History Group Chair Kay McMeekin gave a talk on ‘Ploughing Up Our Past’ project to East Ayrshire Family History Society on 8 Feb 2024. The group have also spoken to the Blind Club and the Breathe Easy Group about their projects and are keen to encourage all members of the community to get involved in local history projects.

Image Above: Cumnock History Group Chair Kay McMeekin

On 19th February this year, they celebrated 10 years of Cumnock History Group with a dinner in the Dumfries Arms Hotel. The evening was was a great success with 46 members attending, 4 members coming from England and another from Fife. The Provost of East Ayrshire and 3 councillors also attended.

Images Above: Members of Cumnock History Group with Provost Jim Todd in the centre of the image. Photo Credit : Isobel Shaw

We are currently working with Rab Wilson and Seán Gray on the People’s Parish Project -Old Cumnock. If you are interested in becoming a member of Cumnock History Group then please follow this link Become a Member – Cumnock History Group